Dato Dr. Shanmuganathan Palanisamy

Chief Executive Officer

Dato Dr. Shanmuganathan  (Shaan), is a transformational leader with high interpersonal skills and a passion for innovation. He is the current Kontron's Malaysia Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Prior to joining Kontron, after a short stint in Malaysia upon graduating from the USA, he was based in overseas assignments in Hong Kong, China, and Canada where he was involved in various R&D Groups developing and manufacturing products for consumers, RF, Medical and embedded industries. He returned to Malaysia to continue contributing to the R&D field. With his passion and versatile executive capabilities in engineering with a development background, he managed to transform Kontron Malaysia from a manufacturing incline company to today's R&D CoE (Centre of Excellence) for Kontron embedded boards, systems, and IoT (Internet of Thing) mainly focusing vertical applications in Industrial 4.0, Avionics and Transportation. Shaan begins his career as an RF engineer and continue building his career holding various technical and executive management positions through his 30 years tenure. He holds BSc. Electrical Engineering (Major in Electronic and System Control), USA and Master in Business Administration (MBA), Malaysia. In 2021, appointed as EEPN Chairperson for Strategic Initiatives 4 (Enable and Forge a Robust E&E Ecosystem) and Member of the Penang Socio-Economic Recovery Consultative Council (PSERCC) Industry / SMI / SME Working Committee.