Conference Agenda

1030 - 1040

Welcome Remarks by Organising Chairman

1040 - 1110

Panel Discussion: Rebuilding & Upskilling Workforce

  • As engineers face time-to-market challenges and greater technology adoption, how do employers stay ahead to expand and upgrade their workforce effectively?
  • Since many factories had to resort to downsizing during the pandemic, and the closure of borders, we now witness a surge in talent demand, while the companies ramp up the hiring process, what are the strategies to upskill the current workforce to reach optimal productivity?

Moderator: Bobby Varanasi, Top 25 "Globalization Powerhouse" Leaders; Top 20 "Future of Work", "Business Strategy", "Digital Disruption" and "Change Management" Global Thought Leaders
Panelist: Howie Chang, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Forward School
Panelist: Shanmuganathan Palanisamy, Chief Executive Officer, Kontron Asia Pacific Design Sdn Bhd

1110 - 1150

Panel Discussion: Workforce Of The Future

  • Addressing the shortage of high-end skills.
  • Can the semiconductor industry yield benefits from Malaysia’s Budget 2022 allocation of RM423 million in grants for companies embarking on research and development activities and RM295 million for public universities to play a role in the research and innovation ecosystem as well as encourage industry collaboration, to build the workforce of the future?
  • Are we ready for Industry 5.0?

Moderator: Ts. Shamsul Anuar Abdul Wahid, Director Corporate Technology, Malaysia’s national Applied Research and Development Centre (MIMOS)
Panelists: AP Dr Fawnizu Hussin, Chair IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognitions Committee and Associate Professor, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UTP
Panelists: Sakthivel Narayanasamy, Chief Executive Officer, Galactic Advance Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd

1150 - 1230

Panel Discussion: Retaining Talents & Fostering Employee Trust

With major downsizing efforts because of the pandemic, many players had lost a large talent pool, while the remaining employees can easily get demotivated as a result.

  • How do the key players stay adaptable and mindful of workers’ wellbeing during the lockdowns and post-lockdowns to keep the motivation and productivity high?
  • Malaysian government’s stringent workplace rules added costs of the workforce; can smaller players keep up with this surge in cost while keeping employees’ wellbeing in check?

Moderator: AP Dr Fawnizu Hussin, Chair IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognitions Committee and Associate Professor, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UTP
Panelists: Balan Krishnan, Head of Human Resources, Dexcom
Panelists: Muhammad Hilman Rao Abdullah, Human Resources Director, Nexperia

0900 - 1000

Registration of 20th EPCON Asia 2022 Conference

1000 - 1005

Opening Remarks by Chairperson, 20th EPCON Asia 2022 Conference

1005 - 1015

Welcome Remarks, 20th EPCON Asia 2022 Conference

Mr. Selva Nagappan

Managing Director, EPCON Asia 2022 & Knowledge Group of Companies

1015 - 1045

The Resilient Road To Recovery

Almost every country had experienced a setback in the economy as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic led to many factory closures and staff shortages in Malaysian facilities that test and package semiconductors. However, in Southeast Asia, the electronics industry is seen as one of the main industries to help boost sustainable economic recovery.

Many other industries' recovery, especially the automotive industry, is directly dependent on semiconductor supply chains. Post-pandemic, the industry must quickly evaluate and react to impacts of three fronts: supply chain, market demand, and workforce. This session grinds into identifying new strategies to revitalize, restructure and rebuild towards a sustainable future.


Esugasini Subramaniam, Director of SIG Global Operations and Supply Chain, Micron Technology, Penang, Malaysia


Esugasini Subramaniam