PROF. Amlan Chakrabarti

Professor and Director A.K Choudry School of Information Technology, University of Calcutta, INDIA

Prof. Amlan Chakrabarti have almost 20 years of experience in Engineering Education and Research. His key contributions in research lie in the domains of Machine learning, Computer Vision, Cyberphysical Systems, Reconfigurable Computing, and Quantum Computing. He has received multiple project grants in the areas of Security in Cyber-physical Systems, IoT, Embedded System Design, VLSI Design, Quantum Computing, Computer Vision and Data Science from various national and international agencies and corporates. Besides, he also was the Principal Investigator of the Centre of Excellence in Systems Biology and Biomedical Engineering, the University of Calcutta funded by MHRD under TEQIP-III funding during 2013-2017. Prof Amlan also a Sr. Member of IEEE and ACM, IEEE Computer Society Distinguished
Visitor (2020-2022), Distinguished Speaker of ACM (2017-2020) and Vice President of Society for Data Science. His editorial role comprises of Series Editorship of Springer Transactions on Computer Systems and Networks, Assoc. Editorship of Elsevier Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering and G. Editorship of Springer Journal of Applied Sciences.