Muhammad Hilman Rao Bin Abdullah

Human Resources Director

Passionate Human Resources Leader

1150 - 1230


Panel Discussion: Retaining Talents & Fostering Employee Trust

With major downsizing efforts because of the pandemic, many players had lost a large talent pool, while the remaining employees can easily get demotivated as a result.

  • How do the key players stay adaptable and mindful of workers’ wellbeing during the lockdowns and post-lockdowns to keep the motivation and productivity high?
  • Malaysian government’s stringent workplace rules added costs of the workforce; can smaller players keep up with this surge in cost while keeping employees’ wellbeing in check?

Moderator: AP Dr Fawnizu Hussin, Chair IEEE Malaysia Awards & Recognitions Committee and Associate Professor, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UTP
Panelists: Balan Krishnan, Head of Human Resources, Dexcom
Panelists: Muhammad Hilman Rao Abdullah, Human Resources Director, Nexperia