Bhanu Sood

Commodity Risk Assessment Engineer, Reliability and Risk Assessment Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, USA

Mr. Bhanu Sood is a Center Lead and Commodity Risk Assessment Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Mr. Sood serves as an Agency expert and Center Specialist who manages overall Center development e orts pertaining to electronic circuit assemblies in Goddard Space Flight Center ground and flight missions. Mr. Sood serves as an Agency authority on technical committees and advisory groups and manages the establishment and implementation of new research, technology development and technology demonstration initiatives relating to electronic circuit assemblies. Mr. Sood’s areas of expertise include electronics supply chain risk/reliability assessment, root-cause failure analysis and strategies for counterfeit parts prevention. Prior to joining NASA, Mr. Sood was the Director of Test Services and Failure Analysis Laboratory at University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE). In a 10+ year career at UMD, he managed reliability assessments and failure analysis of products from the aerospace, avionics, medical device, telecommunications, oil & gas and automotive industries. In his prior appointment at US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Mr. Sood worked on process development for 3D printing, printed micro-power sources, and laser-assisted stereo-lithography. Mr. Sood has authored over one hundred technical reports, several book chapters and over thirty scholarly and technical papers that were published in peer reviewed journals and conferences. Mr. Sood is the chair of three SAE Aerospace Standards Committees. He has participated in various conferences organizing committees and currently serves on the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram and ASM Emerging Technologies Awareness Committees. Mr. Sood holds one patent, and two invention disclosures, he is a senior member of IEEE and member of SAE and ASM.